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Sample Security Plan: Adventure Works

The following sample security plan was put together by a fictitious company named Adventure Works. Because of the increasing focus on security in the computing world, the company has decided to review security practices and put together a plan to improve those practices. Adventure Works’ needs may differ from your company’s needs, but reading through their plan should give you a good idea of the steps involved in creating a good security plan.

This plan was developed by Matthew, Managing Director of Adventure Works, in cooperation with other key members of the Adventure Works staff.

About Adventure Works

We are a 20-person firm specializing in high-adventure travel packages. Our staff includes designers, travel agents, sales and marketing personnel, and the administrative team that supports them. The staff also includes the senior management of the business: the co-founders, Matthew and Denise, and the financial controller, Steve.


This security plan is our first. We will take a broad view of the security risks facing the firm and take prompt action to reduce our exposure. Everyone remembers the virus attack we had earlier this year, and we hope to avoid another disaster like that! However, I hope that by taking a wider view, we may be able to plan for threats we don’t know about yet.

I realize that we are limited in time, people, and (of course) cash. Our main priority is to continue to grow a successful business. We cannot hope for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-like security, and it wouldn’t be good for our culture to turn Adventure Works into Fort Knox. The project team has weighed these constraints carefully in deciding what to do and has tried to strike a balance between practicality, cost, comfort, and security measures. We are all convinced, however, that doing nothing is not an option.

I am taking responsibility for leading this review and ensuring that all the action items are carried out. I am concerned about the risks we face, although having reviewed the plan, I am sure we can address them properly. This project has my full support and is a high priority for the business. Circulation

Because this document contains important security information, it is confidential. You are requested to keep it under lock and key when not actually using it, and please don’t leave it lying around or make photocopies. We will not be sending this document via e-mail or storing it on the server—paper copies only, please. The following people are authorized to view this document:

Matthew (Managing Director)
Denise (Operations Director)
Steve (Financial Controller)
Kim (Staff Manager)
Sutton and Sutton (our lawyers)
Jeremy, our outside security consultant

Project Team

The project team includes:

Denise, project leader
Jeremy, advising our staff and carrying out some of the implementation

In addition, we consulted with members of staff from sales, marketing, and design to get their feedback about what they wanted and how the plan might affect them.

Section 2: Assessment Results

Our assessment has produced the following results.

Skills and Knowledge

Our technology consultant, Jeremy, is familiar with the whole situation and will be our expert guide. However, we need to internalize as much of this knowledge as possible by doing as much of the work as we can. Doing so will also help us save money. Luckily, Steve is an amateur computer enthusiast. He has attended a security training course.

Each member of the project team has read the available security planning guides from Microsoft and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in preparation. The company as a whole is reasonably technically literate, but (with one or two exceptions) they see computers as tools to get the job done and don’t know much about how they work.

Our Network and Systems

Desktops: Twenty-two (one per member...
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