Sample Scientific Report Land Use in Pinchot

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment
Week 2 Lab 2: Scientific Report

The answer to the question that this study aimed to answer is that one of the key threats to conservation of biodiversity is fragmentation of forest reserves. This may lead to a whole loss or decline of biodiversity which would have a deep impact on the ecosystem process. In today’s global direction we have seen many forest areas being fragmented to do way for other development projects. These developers have advice for increased fragmentation citing that makes less impact on the biodiversity. It may not be true that whether reduction in habitat greatly affects the population growth, the well-being of habitat species would turn the entire ecological process. One difficult impact of fragmentation is the alteration of habitat microclimate would make it unsuitable for the survival of other kinds of species consequently increasing extinction of the species. The whole ecosystem would undergo by symbiotic contingency between plants and animals. This shows when species is threatened; the effect felt by every organism in the ecosystem will have a negative following to others in the positive end of the ecosystem. The objective of this project is to argue that fragmentation beyond 25% can adjust the sustainability of the forest reserve in Pinchot.

The first method used to test the hypothesis is computer model analysis. The process leads to a simulation process. To then achieve the objective of analyzing the impact of forest fragmentation on the reserve, the team came up with a computer model based on the population of plants and animals over decades. The team then observed depended data from the archives of the Department of Fish and Wildlife and local land trusts. As a team our study was focused on four ecologically dependent species; Spiny Firegrass (SFG), Bluebunch Wheatflour...
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