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Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Cognition Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: June 22, 2011

A. Significance of Study
Information Systems (IS) is a discipline concerned with the strategic, managerial and operational activities involved in the gathering, processing, storing, distributing and use of information, and its associated technologies, in society and organizations. It is a set of organized procedures which, when executed, provides information to support decision making. By utilizing the information provided it gives the decision makers, the managers, boss, executives or the owner of the companies, a better support for making a decision which is very crucial no matter how small the consequences are because an effective information system should help in the decision-making process. The study of Information Systems nowadays is important not only on the big companies but also on the small types of company because this enables them to analyze if their company runs smoothly and efficiently. Being one of the top manufacturers of Safety Shoes in the Philippines, Proest Philippines Inc., could apply IS to further improve the processing of the current flow of information on their customer’s orders. Improved system means faster information flow, minimizing process related costs.

B. Review of Related Literature
In Present times, Information System is a widely used decision making tool to ensure that information processing will be managed properly so to take full advantage of its potential. In general, Information System is used to provide information which can greatly affect the decision making in any procedural system, not just in the offices but it is now used in many different fields and places like the hospitals, libraries, school, groceries and factories. On the case of factories, this can be applied in the production lines. Application of Information System in this field seems simple but it will have a great effect on all the aspect of production because this will enable the managers to think critically and explore every...
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