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在多元化的社會,面對求職這條路,目前的我還沒有豐功偉業或傲人的成績,但我有踏實的心,努力做好每一件事,負責任、認真及樂於學習是我最大的武器。我也希望能帶給每個人歡笑,能學習從不同的角度去積極思考; 用謙卑的心,虛心受教; 用認真的態度去迎接未來的挑戰。您也將會發現,我活潑朝氣、積極進取。謝謝您考慮任用我。

My name is Chien-wei Huang who grew up from well-to-do family. There are 5 members in my family, both of my parents are working in the bank, my older sister works on sales department of technology company, my younger brother is serving in the army as a soldier of compulsory military service. My parents education is very open, they taught us how to train independent thinking and what is correct from wrong to right. Because of them , we have optimism and positive attitude to face anything we meet.

In senior high school period, I used to be a cadre of scout club and orchestra club, and on behalf of school participate in activity of camping or orchestra performance very times. I have learned communication and interpersonal by that. In college period, my major was Environmental Engineering, because of teacher ,Yung Shuen Shen, I started have an interested in Environmental management and take a certificate about ISO 14064:2006 Lead Verifier Greenhouse Gas Emissions Verification. In addition, I was a leader of my class which let me learned how to organize and manage.

In my master’s degree period, I was taught by professor Shih Fang Kang, he taught me ability of experiment and ability of how to conduct the project. During...
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