Sample Research Timeline

Topics: Mental disorder, Conduct disorder, Antisocial personality disorder Pages: 4 (409 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Sample Research Timeline
Expected Completion Date Ongoing


Project Goal

Related Objective


Person Responsible


Enhance understanding of the need for ADM and other health services among juvenile detainees as they age.

Assess ADM service needs.

Retain subjects for the longitudinal study.

Associate Director Mary Jones


Conduct 6- and 8-year follow-up interviews. Submit papers on the development of disorders over time.

Conduct 300 follow-up interviews


Associate Director John Brown Project Director Jane Smith Project Director Jane Smith Project Director Jane Smith


Prepare one paper on the development of single disorders from baseline to the three-year follow-up interview. Prepare a second paper on comorbidity as youth age.

Month 5

Month 12

Enhance understanding of the extent to which juvenile detainees receive services and experience barriers to services over time. Assess if and when juveniles who need ADM services receive them after their cases reach disposition (whether they are in the community or incarcerated) and from which sectors: mental health, juvenile justice/adult corrections, child welfare, etc. Examine perceived barriers to care.

Prepare paper on longitudinal service utilization and predictors of service utilization among detainees three years after their baseline interview.

Month 5



Prepare paper on barriers to services among detainees three years after their baseline interview.

Month 3

Project Director Jane Smith

Expected Completion Date Month 1 Person Responsible Project Director Jane Smith


Project Goal Enhance understanding of the longitudinal patterns and pathways to drug use, violence, and HIV/AIDS risk behaviors .

Related Objective Assess the patterns and sequences of the development of drug use, violence, and HIV/AIDS risk behaviors, focusing on gender differences, racial/ethnic differences, the antecedents of...
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