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Topics: Security guard, Guard, Security Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: August 28, 2012
To: The Commissionner of Police
Phoenix Station

From:Ms Boccus Priya
15 Lavender Avenue

March 16, 2010
Re: Shoplifting at Jumbo, Pheonix

After school, at around 1.15 pm, on Tuesday 11 March 2011, I witnessed a shoplifting incident at Jumbo Phoenix. I was browsing along the make-up section and I remember having just checked the time as my sister who was to meet me had not turned up yet. We had previously arranged to meet after the flag raising ceremony at school.

I was walking up and down the aisles when I noticed a young man loitering around. He was a heavy black leather jacket that was too large for him. He was tall and lanky and had a stud on his left eyebrow. The jacket was half zipped up. The young man kept wiping his hands on the sides of his trousers and he was sweating a lot. He was also wearing a dark blue shirt under his jacket.

He went by the make-up shelf three times and I found it strange that a boy should be so fascinated by lipsticks and nail polish.

I was in the opposing aisle looking at some DVDs. A few seconds later, the young man snatched a handful of lipsticks and slipped them inside his jacket. Then, with a rapid hand swipe, he shoved several nail varnish bottles into the jacket. It was then that I grasped why the jacket had been left open

I looked around for a salesperson but could find none. I went towards the cashier who called two security guards after hearing me.

The last thing I saw was the one security guard marching towards the shoplifter, grabbing him by the arms and escorting him upstairs. In the meantime the second security guard noted down my address and contact numbers.

These are the circumstances, as I remember them, surrounding the shoplifting incident. I reamin at your convenience for any further inquiry.

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