Sample Recommendation Letter

Topics: Skill, Leadership, Competence Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Lusaka, Zambia
12th July 2012.

TO: WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. RECOMMENDATION LETTER (MR-----------------------) I am writing to you with regard to-----------------, who has requested that I write a letter of recommendation on his behalf. -------------------- and I have had discussed decision to pursue graduate studies at your school. I congratulate him for having been focused thereby making this decision to take his skill and education to a higher level through your top notch school. At (company) we continually believe and have recognized excellence by our staff that seek more than job but a career and are motivated and ready to make remarkable contributions to the industry. The path to excellence many have tried with many different results, lucky enough I recognize that --------------- possesses many competencies to succeed in this tough business. We have watched and mentored him into a fine and creative leader in many sections he was deployed. I have worked with ---------------- for four years. One of the striking things about him is his focus on the excellent service management. ---------------------- has constantly been looking for new challenges, skill building and developing a resourceful network of colleagues a fit that deserves respect and recognition. He has been able to handle projects from scratch to the very end and has been involved in budgeting, capacity and availability planning at different levels involving many vendors located in various places. ---------------- is still maturing in the industry and an international exposure in this industry I believe will be one of the great landmarks in his career. Exposing him to more advanced environment and markets will give him a rare mix of experience both in the African and European work /education environments and markets. His ability to adapt; cultural sensitivity and ethics, I believe will be of benefit. These competencies need more exposure and strengthening for us to have fine leaders to...
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