Sample Questionnaire for Member Satisfaction Survey

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Dear Sir/Madam,
The British Council Library is conducting a survey to measure the satisfaction level of our members. Kindly send us the filled questionnaires as your responses are very valuable to us. A short summary of the survey results will be provided to you as soon as possible. (Please tick the box which is applicable to you in the place provided) PERSONAL INFORMATION

Name (Optional): ____________________________________
Gender: _____________
Age: _____
2.Post Graduate and higher
3.Others (Please specify): _____________________________________________ Occupation:
2.Self Employed

Fields of Interest:

Please rate us on the basis of on the scale of 1 to 5.
5 – Excellent, 4 - Very Good, 3 – Good, 2 – Satisfactory, 1 - Unsatisfactory 1.Satisfaction level of British Council Registration Process 2.British Council Newsletters
3.Evening Lectures
4.Library and Information
5.National Event like seminars, conferences
6.Training Programmes
7.Librarian and other support staff
8.Quality of Publications which are received
9.Quality of lectures
10. Your overall rating to the library

Please answer the questions given below (Y – Yes, N – No) 1.Do you find your membership with us valuable?
2.Do you receive our publications regularly?
3.Has the quality of these publications improved?
4.Has the quality of the evening lectures improved?
5.Has the quality of library and information services improved? 6.Are the library/evening lecture timings convenient to you?

Please feel free to write any other suggestions/comments (in the space given below) which you feel would help us serve you better.

Thank you for co-operating. Your responses are very valuable to us....
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