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  • Published: March 3, 2008
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include errors in content or grammar. Please refer to the instructions to make sure you include the correct content and edit carefully. September 22, 2003
To: Leslie Bickford
From: Diana Ferry Put your initials here!
RE: Proposal for Final Project
I request that you accept my topic for the Writing 465 final project. Hopefully, I will be able to use this project to help alleviate the current parking problem at Winthrop University. Jack Allen, from Campus Police, and Walter Hardin, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, have shown interest in my project. BACKGROUND

Winthrop University is a small public school with an enrollment of 5,065 undergraduate students (Fall 2002). Although there is a wonderful parking system currently in place, there is still not enough parking for every student, and there is still a parking problem on campus. Students and faculty complain year after year about insufficient parking on campus. Do Not Solve the Problem in the Background

Reserved parking would help alleviate this situation and would benefit both the users of the parking system and the university. Each reserved space will guarantee the user a specific parking space at all times. When the user drives to campus, they will not have to worry about whether or not they will find a space, because no one else will be able to park in the space that they rent; their space will always be available. For the users of reserved parking, there will be no more searching for parking and no more excuses for tardiness blamed on parking. Though this will not help all students, it will facilitate parking for many. The university will benefit from reserved parking financially. Currently, there are seven types of parking available at Winthrop University: Faculty/Staff, Student, Freshman, Courtyard, Student Apartments, Disabled, and Open. Faculty/Staff permits sold to the faculty and staff of the university for $25. Freshmen students may purchase their decals for $100. For the...
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