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Topics: Joke, Laughter, Employment Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Billy Bohan
Dr. Dunn
Business 85, Monday
Outline For Final Project

Specific Purpose Statement:
I want my classmates to learn that humor is a necessary quality to have at work in order to make it through the day sanely. I also want them to understand the down sides of humor in the workplace and how it can effect your productivity.

> Attention Grabber: Make everyone laugh purposely at the same time to relieve any stresses or tensions. >Explain the benefits of humor in our everyday life
-Stress relief
-Boost Moral
-Bring people together
-Avoid boringness or "burnout"
>By overviewing these topics i will be able to show how humor can help you both physically and mentally throughout your day.

Thesis Statement:
Humor in the workplace is always beneficial for relieving stress and bringing co -workers together, however it can also produce negative effects resulting in a decrease in productivity.

1.Ways Humor Can Help In The Workplace
A. Stress Relief
1. It can help with the issues you bring to work that shouldn't be involved.
a. Such as your girlfriend called you fat so now you are self conscious and cant get it off of your mind.
2. The relief of stress will make you capable of working harder and seeing more results in your work.
a. The more relaxed and stress free you are the better you will work
B. Bringing co-workers together
1. Humor often "breaks the ice" when it comes to first meeting someone or having tension with another.
a. An awkward handshake occurs and you follow it up with a joke that makes you both laugh and get comfortable
2. Humor can make relationships stronger so co-workers would work together more as a team rather than separate individuals.
a. A tough project is at stake and a simple cartoon video related to what you are doing helps you keep calm and know its alright.
C. Decrease In Productivity
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