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  • Published: April 27, 2012
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Sample AADSAS Personal Statements

Essay # 1 - Author Accepted for 2006 Entering Class
As an undergraduate student at the University of New Mexico I have become increasingly aware of the complex network problems that I face as a citizen of the world. I have also realized the progress and success that I enjoy in the same capacity as the frontiers of medicine, technology and communication continue to expand. My desire to participate in the resolution of those problems and in the further expansion of those frontiers had inspired me to seek a degree in biology and entrance into a School of Dentistry. I intend to successfully complete program of dentistry and further my specialization in the area of endodontics. Upon completion of my degree programs I would like to return to the southwest region of the country to make my services available to the underserved population of the area. I would also like to spend some time serving the populations of Central and South America where I could gain invaluable experience and provide the much needed services of a specialist.

My desire to enter the field of dentistry has grown as I’ve participated with professional oral health care providers in the field and observed a wide range of procedures. My interest in dentistry began early on as I was involved in orthodontics for eight years before undergoing corrective jaw surgery. I gained a deep appreciation and understanding of what people in need of such services are experiencing, as well as a great respect and admiration for the professionals of that field. Through the practice of dentistry I desire to have a positive supportive impact on the lives of those I serve, as I experienced in my own life through my oral healthcare providers. I also desire to be a respected, contributing member of the community, and I feel that the field of dentistry will afford me such opportunities as I participate in it.

I will be successful in dental school because of my dedication to...
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