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Marketing Plan
BSBMKG514A Implement and Monitor Marketing activities
BSBMKG507B Interpret market trends and Developments

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1 Executive summarypage 3

2 Situation analysispage 4
3.1 Market summarypage 4-5
3.2 Swot Analysispage 5
3.3 Strategies page 6 3.4 Tactics page 7-8

3 Marketing Strategiespage 9
4.5 Missionpage 9
4.6 Marketing Objectivespage 9
4.7 Positioning Map page 10
4.8 Control Mechanismspage 10
4.9 Market trends page 11-12

4 Finances page 12
5.10 Sales Forecastpage12-16
5.11 Unit cost pricepage 16-24

5 Minute Sheetspage 27-37

6 End of Year Analysispage 38-39

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Executive Summary

Trouble group aims to be the best in all aspects our company’s mission is to succeed in all of the following: * Highest Market Share : We need to constantly pay staff adequetly to not lose them so that they can SELL SELL SELL!!!! Also by keeping a watch using our unit product cost see attached 4.2. * Return on Investment: Money in time CD’s and paying off our bonds slowly not all at one time! * Reduce unit production costs: By Having lower quality but newer models. * Highest stock prices: Having a good Return on investment. Keep doing what we are doing as our stock price is leading the market. * New Models: We need to invest in R&D so that we constantly have a new model for our consumers. * To spend our money wisely and constantly liaise with finance department. * Sales people: pay them enough to not lose them to other companies.

Trouble group’s position in the market is low cost for high quality products in comparison to competition with low quality and middle to high prices.

2. -------------------------------------------------
Situation Analysis

3.1 Market Summary - P.E.S.T.D.C.
Political Analysis
In this Policy game the political factors that influence our business’ performance is paying staff the award wage. The government in this scenario is not actually affecting the economy which is not affecting our business at this current time.

Economic Analysis
When making decisions for sereno and planning for near future we need to consider the exchange rates and take them into consideration. Exchange rates affect the costs of exporting goods and the supply and price of imported goods in an economy.

Social Analysis
Social and cultural factors are hard to control in the policy game as they are not measurable as we are marketing a product to another business. However for example if the product we are selling is eggs a health issue which may affect our sales could be that there is bird flu and people are afraid of the affect it may have on their health.

Technological Analysis
Technology is a big factor which affects how our business will be upgrading to a new model. Our Company found that keeping our R&D High but static, has helped us bring out new models. However at times we need to increase our R&D to develop a new model faster than our competitors. Technology can also determine a quality of a product the lower the cost price the lower the quality. In order to maintain our consumer’s sales we should decrease our price but have the best quality product making our company the most attractive product on the market.

Demographics Analysis
In the policy game it is difficult to determine the demographics of the consumers and how it could affect the market as we do not know what the product is and who our target market is.
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