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I went to the Emergency Room for the first time when I was thirteen years old. It all came about when I was skateboarding in front of my grandma's house and I tried to do a trick. I almost pulled it of, but I messed it up in the end and headed to the ground with my hands down. My right wrist was twisted the wrong way in the air when I landed hard on the ground, it just broke it. At first it did not hurt at all, but when I looked down at my warped and twisted wrist , all of a sudden excruciating pain rushed through my wrist and I came unglued. Rolling around on the ground yelling and cussing in pain, my parents saw what happened and came running to my aid. My dad started moving it around saying, "it's not broken," as my mom was saying over and over again we need to go to the emergency room to get the real diiagnosis. After about fifteen minutes of yelling and screaming, I finally got up and held my wrist as I walked to the car. The whole way to the ER the pain got worse and worse. Later I foound out the increase in pain was due to massive swelling against the broken bone. I had to sit in the waiting room for almost and hour which seemed loke forever. After waiting impatiently, I finally got into the doctor's office where I got an X-Ray and found out my wrist was truley broken.

As I stand on the front porch of my cabin, a soft smell of sage drifts in my face, while I gaze in the distance. Off to the right is a narrow valley, crawling with willow brush so thick you need a machete to walk through it. As I look at the ravine running north and south an echo of water draining into water creeps towards me. Around the hill at the south end is a pond, and at the north end sets a little old calving shed surrounded by aspen trees. Across from me is an enormous football shaped alfalfa field screaming green, and beyond that rests another huge aspen grove. Just off to the left is a mountain coated in evergreens whisping in the breeze. At the base of the mountain, is a massive a-frame cabin with large triangular windows stretching to the eve. Further to my left is a spring trickling down the hill, into a man-made pond the size of a hockey rink. This overflows into a tiny creek that ripples directly down the slope behind me into the pond on my right, which is making the echo up the ravine. Staying up at my cabin gives me a real sense of relaxation.

It is very true that people grow stronger through their connections to nature. Be it from having a pet, walking in the park or going camping in a wilderness area, people grow stronger through their interactions with nature. Even something as simple as having a pet makes people stronger. Having a pet builds an individual’s sense of responsibility. They must feed and care for the pet. That builds the sense of responsibility that people have for things other than themselves. Sometimes people walk their pets in the park. Simply being in the park walking, with a pet or without a pet is an opportunity of for people to build a connection with nature

Hunters, hikers, and park recreationalists should turn in poachers. Poachers are people who kill animals illegally by hunting without a proper permit, or trespassing on someone’s property. Not only is it cruel to leave an animal carcass lying out to rout, but it can also spread disease among the other animals. It also brings up the price of hunting licenses for other hunters. That is why it is important we turn poachers in. The first thing that can be done is calling 1-800-TIP-MONT. When a call is placed, the operator will ask some questions. They ask where and when the event happened, a physical appearance of the person or a vehicle description, and was their any physical evidence left behind. So when you see this happening, either write it down on paper, or just try to remember it. The second thing a person can do is try to get on the Internet. There you can find out more...
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