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The strengths of Sony is there technology and game, such as mobile phone, Play Station series, entertainment, etc. they have developed so many leader product in the world, black and white television, colors television, walkman, Play stations, is their main product. It let Sony make the big profit, leader in the market, and defeat their competitor. They also have their personally accessories to support their product, other product or accessories can’t substitute. There product diversification let Sony less their risk when there have problem in one product.

When they get the big develop in the product, Sony didn’t develop new product, because they fulfill in their success, such as walkman, walkman can’t support MP3 format, and it wash out by apple IPod, and they get the wrong decision in their development, let they lost market share and leader in the market. It let get the big lose and downward trending revenues.

The senior employee when they retirement, the can change to consultant and normal Japan’s company continue retirement money to the employee, it let Sony get the big pressure in the financial.

In 2005, Sony appoint a foreigner to be chairmen, and start the reform in the company, they get the new strategy in the games, entertainment, and technology. In the mobile phone, Sony Ericsson change their look, and more intelligent function, so Sony can hold the trend and the market in mobile phone.

In the television, Sony again to go back in the market, make more LCD, and HD television, use the quality and the brand to let costumer to think their product is more in the trend. Now Sony more to improve and research their product, let people feel the “fresh” in the market.

Computer also is the one of the most important product, but DELL, Lenovo, HP, in the market also have the best reputation, in the cost control DELL was done better than Sony, the costumer services are famous, it threats...
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