Sample of Sociology Questionnaire

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  • Published : July 8, 2010
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This Questionnaire has been designed using the following scaling system of; ‘Not Sure’, ‘Yes’, ‘No’. Kindly answer the following questions as honestly as possible by ticking the appropriate box below. Thank you in advance for completing this Questionnaire. All information obtained will be kept in the strictest confidence. Section 1

Male Female

15 - 2525 - 4545 – 6565 and over

Level of Education
Primary Secondary Tertiary Vocational/Technical

Status of Employment
Full Time Part-Time Contract Casual/Temporary

Length of Time with Company
0 -5yrs 5 – 15yrs 15- 25yrs 25-35yrs over 35yrs

Job Level
Technical ClericalSupervisoryManagement Specialist/Analyst

Which of the below Denomination(s) are you affiliated with?
Anglican Methodist Pentecostal Catholic Adventist Witness

Other None
Section 2
Please tick the appropriate box for the below questions to indicate your answer of “Not Sure”, “Yes”, “No”.
1) Have you heard of HIV/AIDS?
Not Sure Yes No

2) Is HIV/AIDS a serious issue in Barbados?
Not Sure Yes No

3) Is there a difference between HIV/AIDS?
Not Sure Yes No

4) Is there a treatment(s) that will prolong the life of a person living with HIV/AIDS?
Not Sure Yes No

5) Is there a cure for HIV/AIDS?
Not Sure Yes No

6) Can a healthy looking person have HIV/AIDS?
Not Sure Yes No

7) Can the virus that causes AIDS be transmitted from mother to her...
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