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  • Published : February 9, 2011
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This interview was conducted last November 25, 2010, Thursday,

*Translated from Taglish to English.
*The group has conducted an interview and a series of scheduled store observations.

Group: HiGood evening! We are a group from _____ and we are here to conduct an interview on young entrepreneurs for our class.

Hi! Wow! Thanks for considering my company for your project. So what’s your first question for me?

Group: Okay. So as a business, what problems do you encounter in your store?

Well, first of all, I only have 2 sales ladies. The problem that I see that’s the most crucial as of now, is how they do their work.

Group: What is the significance of this problem?

It is when you miscalculate inventory, thus, having a difference in the cash in and cash out.

Group: Are there different perceptions of the problem? If yes, what would they be?

Yes, definitely. The different people involved in the business.

Group: What is the impact of these perceptions to the problem?

Better means of communication

Group: Who is most affected by the problem?

The owner (me). Since I decide for the company.


Group: What is your leadership style?

Supportive. I am very lenient with my employees since I’m only starting with this business. However, they tend to be abusive of this.


Group: What is the history of the problem and your attempted solutions?

Since we are not wholesalers, there’s always a need for new stocks. Since my sister and I design all of the clothes, we need new ideas all the time. Because of this, the inventory is not properly managed because we do not have time. Attempted solutions would be the strict implementation of inventory count and new stocks right after production. The inventory would be counted once when it reaches me, two counts by the sales ladies, and two to three counts when it reaches the store....
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