Sample of Ieee Test Plan for P2V Conversion

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DIVSS160 Server P2V Action Test Documentation (IEEE Standard) (ANSI/IEEE Standard 829-1983)

Server Name:| DIVSS160|
Change Action:| P2V (Physical to Virtual Conversion)|
Server Impact On Business In Failure:| High|
Incident Number:| |
Change Reference Number:| CRQ000000018241|
Author Name:| Andrew McLintock|
Author Designation:| Solutions Architect / Team Lead|
Project:| SQL Compliance|
Proposed Date Of Change Action:| 10 November 2012|
Create Date:| 12 October 2012|
Last Revised Date:| 1 November 2012|
Current Version:| 2.1|
Document Path:| C:\Users\Amclintock1\Documents\IEEE-Testplan-DIVSS160-V2.1.Docx|

Brief description of Change to be performed4
Brief view of concerns to be allayed by the testing proposed in this document4
Primary purpose / function to business of the Server undergoing the proposed change4
a.SQL License Compliance with Microsoft4
b.Increased Allocation of Memory to the new server4
c.Failover Clustering5
High-Level Processes & (Pre and Post Change) Tasks6
a.O/S Level Housekeeping6
b.SQL Level Housekeeping6
c.Establishment of a Virtual Server to simulate DIVSS160 required functionality on a Virtual Machine7
2.2Selection of Test Items to Prove Functionality7
a.Critical Items7
b.Non-Critical – Essential7
c.Non-Critical – Non Essential8
2.3Matching the Test Items to the Function Points8
2.4Performance Benchmarks Measured9
d.Concerns raised from pre P2V performance analysis of DIVSS160Error! Bookmark not defined.
3.Issues & Concerns to Business (surveyed) Being Addressed12
4.Summary of the Server, Events, Services, Object & Features to be tested and desired outcomes13
a.Check Core SQL Services have been enabled and are running13
b.Simulate specific events which form part of the P2V justification13
c.Objects & Features within SQL Server to be tested (Summary)13
6.Test Items14
Test Item Global Lists – See Attached Objects Below.14
5.Features to be Tested15
All software features and combinations of features to be tested15
6.Features Not to Be Tested16
P2V of the DIVSS160 server.16
Overall approach to testing16
7.Test Deliverables16
8.Testing Tasks16
Tasks necessary to prepare for :16
a.Systems Testing16 (SQL Server Instance)17
b.Functional Testing18
8.1FUNCTIONAL TESTING: Subject Area Test Scenarios19
c.BBBEE (Investec)19
Risks and Contingencies29
High-risk assumptions of the test plan29
Contingency Plans29


Brief description of Change to be performed

* P2V (Physical to Virtual conversion) of the DIVSS160 production reporting server. * This VM is to be be hosted in a 7-Node Hyper-V Clustered environment.

Brief view of concerns to be allayed by the testing proposed in this document * The concerns that we have identified from Business are: * Job execution times
* SSIS functionality
* Report executions
* Linked server connectivity
* Replication and data transfer between servers
* Decreased Performance in General
* Failure of the P2V process and the server not being available thereafter *
Primary purpose / function to business of the Server undergoing the proposed change

SQL License Compliance with Microsoft
Microsoft has given SAB a deadline to a final True-Up pertaining to SQL Installations and complaint licensing governance. By virtualizing the DIVSS160 Physical Server, SAB is able to save (as part of the whole compliance project, a large portion of the license deficit and associated cost, at the time of the pre-audit done a few...
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