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Topics: Prison, Recidivism, Mother Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Thesis: Everyone benefits from the babies in prison programs: the babies, their moms, and society.

I. Babies benefit from this program, because they are not separated from their mothers.

A. Babies that are separated from their inmate parents run a higher risk for emotional and behavioral disorders.

1. A high percentage of children of incarcerated mother end up in prison themselves (Kauffman, 2001).

B. By maintaining the mother child bond, the child is happier, and mentally healthier.

1. This quote from Sister Elaine roulette says it all: ”Some people say that babies shouldn’t be in prison. The baby doesn’t know he is in prison, but he does know that he’s with his mother” (Women of the Hall, 1993).

II. The program gives incarcerated mothers the incentive to stay out of trouble (Stone, 2009).

A. By fostering the parent/child bond, this program gives the mother a reason to make it on the outside.

B. The program teaches the mother good parenting skills, increasing her chances of being a good mother, and a productive member of society.

III. In the long run society benefits the most from the babies in prison program.

A. Anytime an inmate is released, and becomes a productive member of society, everyone wins.

B. By keeping the recidivism rate down, we break the cycle of returning inmates.

1. Of the 123 women who have completed the program in Ohio, only 8 have come back.

2. With a recidivism rate of only 6.5% compared to the 30% in the general population, this program effectively rehabilitates the inmates (Prison Babies - Lift While Climbing, 2007).


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