Sample of Complaint Letter

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Letter of Complaint

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to complain about the dreadful experience I had on the 3rd March, 2012 when I was having dinner with my family to celebrate Mother’s Day. The disgusting hygiene, poor services and cheated prices lead me a deep disappointed with your restaurant and I will never try it again unless there is improvement.

The unacceptable hygiene was the first thing I want to complain. I went to the washroom after I have taken the food order. When I was passing the corridor, I saw that the cook was smoking and all the cigarette ash covered all over the dishes. What a terrible fact! It is impossible to occur in a five star restaurant. I gave me a shock again when I went into the toilet. There is full of rubbish on the floor, and an smelly smell came out from the toilet. If it is not bad enough, there are some cockroaches walking here and there. What’s a wonderful five star hotel!

Secondly, I also dissatisfied with the poor services of the waiter. When the dishes were served, I found the sauce of spaghetti was missed so I asked the waiter to take. However, the waiter looked annoyed and took the sauce slowly. He’s impolite behavior lead my disapproval to the quality of the restaurant.

Finally, it is unbelievable that the prices are faked. Before visiting this restaurant, our family has checked the prices However, we found that they were different when we were paying the fee. This is no accusation for a five star hotel to display misleading information, They should be checked and updated regularly.

To conclude, we all felt disappointed with the irresponsible services in a five star restaurant. I expert an explanation, as well as an apology, from your restaurant manager. I look forward to receiving your reply.

Yours faithfully
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