Sample of an Autobiography

Topics: High school, Sibling, College Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: December 21, 2012

Hi my name is --, -- years of age. I live in ------ city. I was born in the cold month on the ----- in the year of ----. I have --- siblings, an older brother --- and a younger sister named ---. I live with my father, when I started high school my parents got divorced and ever since mom was gone my father brought us up and taught us how life really works, on the process my older brother turned rebellious and was forced to live with our relatives in novaliches. We became punctual, disciplined and responsive. We lived in a poor community back when were still kids. Where people at our community always had their eyes on your personal belongings, neighboring families always fight for numerous reasons, that kind of community. Right now, we live in a wealthy community and I am still not accustomed on to how they live peacefully. People here are very polite and respecting. Although they do not want to meddle with things or your business, I still want to know more about them. One thing about my life is that I am very honest and simple; I can’t even remember what did this or what event happened in my life that made me this way. One thing is for sure is that I don’t like secrets which can ruin a relationship.

I started prep school when I was six years old; I went to ----- and finished elementary at the year of ----. In my 2nd year of high school we moved to another village and I happen needed to change schools because my sister is attending a prestigious school, but a dangerous environment. I finished high school on year ---. Due to the upbringing of my father I became a serious type of person. I became silent and learned to observed people around me. How would they interact with each other? What are possible outcomes? Thus I learned how to predict two moves back then. Even when I’m into sports, this attitude became a habit. I like basketball a lot when I was a kid, but I quit the day college came and become more serious about education. I have three Colleges...
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