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Topics: Curate, Priest, Parish Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Brgy. 91- Abucay, Tacloban City

Action Plan CY 2012-2013

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES| ACTIVITY| TIME FRAME| PERSONS INVOLVED| RESOURCES NEEDED| STRATEGY FOR COLLABORATION| To influence and bring closer to God the young people of the parish and be active members of the congregation| Membership Campaign| All throughout the year (continuing)| All officers, Youth BEC Coordinators, and members| Member’s Profile Sheet, Parent’s Permission Letter| Commission on Worship (for announcements)| To revitalize the stewardship and active involvement of the officers towards better service in the parish| Regular Meetings| Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month after the 6pm mass| All officers, Youth BEC Coordinators, | | | | Special Meetings| As the need arises| All officers, Youth BEC Coordinators, and members| | | | Formulation of Action Plan 2012- 2013 and continuous revision| 1st meeting of the year| All officers| | | To keep all members informed with the activities of the commission and to create relative bonding with them and to discuss matters concerning their selves | Regular Meetings| Every 4th Sunday of the month after the 6pm mass| All members| | | To strengthen and boost the Christian faith and spiritual well-being of the young people and making themselves good examples to the community.| Alliance of two Hearts| Every 1st Friday of the month| All youth & other interested parishioner| Musical instruments| Music Committee (headed by Mr. Ian Cillo or Mr. Christopher Demilliones)| | Vicariate Summer Youth Camp| April 2013| Willing representatives| | | | Other relevant seminars, film showing, youth assembly| To be scheduled| All members| | | | Taize and Confession| Lenten Season 2013| All members| | | | Confirmation| To be scheduled| Members who did not receive the sacrament| | Commision on Worship, & Commission on Education| | Oath...
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