Sample Motivational Letter

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am hereby applying for entrance to International Business Administration program at the University of Amsterdam for the 2008 fall term.

First of all I would like to present some background about myself. My name is Jeena, currently living in Israel, originally from Crimea, Ukraine. Since my early years the question of my future university studies and then a profession was very important to me. Therefore at the age of 14, when I had an opportunity to change something I made a very drastic step and joined the social project which provided me with an occasion to live and study in Israel. Since I moved there on my own, without any family members, I had to adapt myself for the new culture and language as quick as possible, so my knowledge of English language helped me a lot. I found myself a quick learner and even the fact that I had to study all of the subjects in Hebrew haven’t become an obstacle. Further more the situation made me very enthusiastic about foreign languages and English particularly.

During my high school studies I was elected the president of a student council. This allowed me to develop and use my leading and organizational skills and convinced me that I want to tie my future career with administration.

When I successfully graduated from school, I did not want to stop on what I achieved in Israel, but to continue my undergraduate studies in a respected European University such as University of Amsterdam.

After the high school I served an obligatory year in Israel Defense Force. There I was in charge on human resource office. It was a good possibility for me to sharpen administrative skills and interpersonal relations. I asked myself a question, which profession will grant me the ability to use and improve my existing strong points and skills. I have already knew it must be something related to administration, so the next step was to find out in which sector of administration and management I will express myself...
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