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Events Specialist
Creating memories that will last a lifetime
Marketing Plan

A.Company Background
E-Ventures is an events management company that specializes on private events. Among our services include organizing weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and debuts.

We provide quality service that starts at conceptualizing, producing and facilitating events. Vision
We envision ourselves to be the most effective yet reasonably priced events specialist. We strive to be reputed as one of the well-known events management companies in the country. Values
Customer Satisfaction
We continuously strive to improve our services by understanding the needs and wants of our customers. •Customers as Assets
We regard every customer as a valuable contribution to our company. •Time bound
We plan and finish work ahead of time and simultaneously; we can work under pressure if needed.

We aim to reach every Filipino who values togetherness and making small things extra special. We want to be part of the most special moments of their lives by celebrating these events with them.

B.Situational Analysis
The problem in the industry is that the events management companies have quite a small market. There is a small market because the services offered by events management companies are usually expensive.

One probable cause of the problem, which is that the services are expensive, is because event organizers provide every detail needed in a certain event. They provide all the services needed to make an event successful and very memorable. This really entails a lot of expenses.

Another probable cause is that the Philippine economy is not that good. People opt to be more practical and just organize the event on their own.

The problem is quite serious because it talks about the size of the market. This is where the actual business comes from. The people will provide the life of the company, because without customers, there will be no business.

The events management companies in the industry, especially the small and not very known or trusted companies, are affected by the problem.

E-Ventures addresses the problem by offering less expensive rates of services compared to our competitors, but with the same quality provided by other events managements companies.

Private Events
Competition is tight in the industry since there are not as much events planning companies existing in Metro Manila now. The popularity of availing the services of events management companies are increasing though. Clients hire events planning companies that have already established a name and have been existing for quite a long time, since most clients consider credibility as an important factor when hiring event organizers.

Since the company is operating within the Philippines, we should take into account the Filipinos’ culture of being family-oriented. They value get-togethers and parties where they could socialize with each other. Given this, Filipinos give the events management companies more opportunities for business. Good ideas and unique perspectives are more important than ever because the people are always looking for something new, something innovative, something that would create an impact in their lives.

Services (Private Events)
-Weddings & Anniversaries
-Birthdays & Debuts

Distribution Trends:
There are a lot of factors that affect the company’s ways on reaching the market. These factors change in the long run. ECONOMY
One factor is the rate of the growth of our country’s economy. Of course if there is a recession, the rate of those who will be hiring us to create an event will also decrease. They will not prioritize creating an event, but instead, they will be prioritizing other things such as budgeting for the family, and other necessary expenses. LIFESTYLE

Another factor is the lifestyle of the company’s target market. We all know that creating an event is a bit...
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