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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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APSmith Solutions Corporation Payroll System Development

Submitted by:

Ronnel Carlo F. Santiago
Haideelyn C. Santos

Submitted to:

Mrs. Gloria M. Alcantara

APSmith Solutions Payroll System Implementation Plan
As of now, our implementation services consist of eight phase process.

NOTE: Possible changes may occur because the project is under development. –Dev team

Phase I - System Assessment & Gap Analysis
Our approach, during this phase is to conduct a thorough and objective analysis of the organization’s processes, organizational capabilities and technologies. We will achieve this through a collaboration of resources from the company, and through our proven methodologies, designed to uncover inefficiencies in the current processes and workflows. During this phase, we will also work with the organization’s resources to understand its capabilities, identify the change impact on the organization as a result of new processes and technologies, and to incorporate the actions needed into the overall project plan. Phase II - System/Process Analysis & Design

During Phase 2, we will utilize results of Phase 1 to prioritize processes that are most inefficient and begin to map them to future processes to gain the most efficiency from the new technology.   The results of the future processes will allow the company to make decisions on reporting requirements, as well as historical data required in the new system. We will work with appropriate resources from the organization together with technology provider experts to identify all technical and hardware requirements, and develop a project phased roll-out strategy to achieve a smooth transition to the new system. Phase III - System Development

During this phase, our team will facilitate design sessions with the company’s resources and Vendor subject matter experts to ensure the new system is designed and configured according to these defined business needs. We will oversee all aspects of the development phase, manage key milestones and ensure that deliverables are met during this critical phase.  Phase IV - System Integration

During the integration phase, our team will collaborate with all necessary parties (external vendors/strategic partners) to prepare for the design, build and communication of new interfaces. We believe that one of the key success factors in ensuring the new interfaces are properly working is to communicate early and often with all necessary parties.  Phase V - System Testing

We will play an instrumental role in defining the system testing strategy and roll-out. We believe that thorough planning for this critical phase will ensure a completely tested, working system prior to the transition to the new solution. During this phase, we’ll work with the company and other team members to define all aspects of system, integration, performance and user acceptance testing events. We will hold a testing “kick-off” event in order to apprise the company’s resources of the goals/objectives of testing, their roles and responsibilities in the testing phase and the purpose of well-defined scripts and acceptance criteria. Phase VI - System Training

The transition to the new and the first Payroll system for APSmith Solutions Corporation will only be successful if the users, systems administrators and other identified company’s resources are properly trained and prepared to use the new system. During this phase, we’ll work with the company’s training department to ensure that the standard technology provider's training materials have been tailored to address new process and/or policy changes that have been identified in earlier phases of the project. We will document the training needs and strategy to include the roll-out strategy, logistics, dates and times of...
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