Sample Final Project Chapter 1

Topics: Human resource management, Employment, Scientific method Pages: 3 (766 words) Published: February 25, 2010
A. The Background of Selecting The Title
In business world, to achieve a goal it is really need to have a good relationship between the superiors and the employees. It is because employees are one of the important elements in the company which can affect the company’s income and status. Facing directly the business condition now a day, the competitions are getting harder. Companies competed by rely on many sides which one of them is their employees. So, from here the company has to do a plan to defense the position in the market among the competitors to gain more profit. The profit comes from the consumer. Employees are the part in the company that understand and know what the consumer expected from the service or product. So, employee should can predict what product or service which can give the customers satisfaction. Conducting the training program is one of the opportunities that the company takes. Training program is one of the best choices to improve the employees’ job performance and increase incomes. Training process is not easy. There must be some steps to do for reaching the goal. Every forward looking company realized that introduced training program to old and new employee is needed.

Giving the training to the employee is the company responsible. The superior in the company sure have to involve in the training process to lead the employees. It is why, the writer interest to make research what program that must and need to be conduct by the company to increase the employees’ job performance by choosing the title “THE EFFECTIVE TRAINING METHOD TO IMPROVE THE EMPLOYEES’ WORK PERFORMANCE AT PT. CALISPO MULTI UTAMA. B. Problem Identification

Training process is no easy to be conduct. It needs a lot of preparation to determine which training programs have to be prepared and it is a problem that the company has to face. PT. CALISPO MULTI UTAMA face a problem which is they face obstacles in increasing the employees...
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