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Chapter I

Pastillas is a favorite sweet delicacy among Filipinos and is traditionally made up of buffalo’s milk and sugar.
Pastillas can also be made by mixing condensed milk and milk powder that is filled with sugar. Pastillas is a good type of sweet delicacy because it is affordable, nutritious and delicious. Aside from its natural content, it is also a good kind of business because you will need a little capital to start in this kind of business.

Pastillas de leche are sweet milk candies that are usually served for desserts. An authentic recipe will require the use of carabao’s milk and cooking is also necessary. What we have here is a no-cook quick and easy dessert recipe intended to satisfy your cravings right away. Also, cooking or heating the ingredients is not necessary. All you have to do is to mix the ingredients together and voila, a sweet delicious milk candy that you can have for dessert in no time.

Location: 143 Langaray Street, Dagat-Dagatan Caloocan City.

Chapter II
Summary of the Project Study

Name: Rainbow Special and Delicious Pastillas
Location: B16A Lot 143 Phase 3 Erea 1 Langaray Street, Dagat-dagatan Caloocan City. Brief Description:
Pastillas business is a small business that you can start in anywhere. It is a small business that consists of small capital and small place to run. It is also a kind of a sole proprietorship business that means you can run even you don’t have any business personnels. Based on our research, you can add flavors in pastillas such as chocolate and cheese. It is also good not just for adults but also for children because pastillas is made up from milk that supports our bones and body development. Most of the kinds of good pastillas are crunchy outside and soft inside. It is also important for it to be cool in a freezer before serving to release its natural flavor.

Chapter III

A. Proponent
Owner: Kevin Masagca
* He is the one who found out the importance of pastillas. He also runs the business just for a sideline. B. Owner/ Founder
~Kevin Masagca
Owner/ Founder
~Kevin Masagca
Organizational Chart

The organizational chart shows the positions of the people in the business. C. Management/Workforce
Name: Kevin Masagca
Position: Owner
Job Description: He is the one who is responsible with all of the transactions in the business. Salary: P800.00 per month.

D. Gantt Chart
Activities| 1st week| 2nd week| 3rd week| 4th week|
Purchase Materials| | | | |
Preparing Pastillas| | | | |
Tasting| | | | |
Presentation| | | | |

The Gantt chart represents our activities in one month.
1st - 2nd week – Purchase Materials
2nd - 3rd week – Preparing Pastillas
2nd - 3rd week – Tasting
4th week - Presentation

Chapter IV
Marketing Aspect

A. Mission/Vision
Mission: To be able to give contribution about our traditional sweet delicacy (Pastillas). Vision: To become the most satisfactory store in terms of Pastillas business.

B. Logo

C. Major Users
* They are one of the main targets of the business. A pastillas can be bought only for 1 peso per ball, that’s why even children can afford it. Besides, Filipinos basically have sweet tooth, that’s why we believe that it will be appreciated by everyone. Students

* These are also one of our target customers because they have time and money. As you can think, most students can afford the prize of our product. Also, they would want a new twist in terms of sweet delicacy.

D. Competitive Positions
Selling price: P1.00 per ball of pastillas
Methods of transporting: Street Selling
Channels of Distribution: Pastillas Store
General Trade Practices: None

E. Proposed Marketing Program
Pastillas – It is a sweet delicacy that consists of condensed milk, milk powder and sugar. Price – P1.00 per ball (any flavor).
Target Market:
The location of our business is at Langaray Street,...
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