Sample Documentation for Web-Based Gaming System

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1.0 Introduction

Education, as most parents tell their children, is the only treasure that cannot be stolen nor taken away. This is a very important tool to fight life’s storms in every human endeavor. The more the person reaches a certain level of education, the wiser he is to battle such circumstances. Level of education is determined how knowledgeable someone is in every subject matter the entire universe has to offer.

Elementary education is the most essential early stage to nurture and sharpen an individual’s skills and abilities. This is where a child learns the basics of the world he was destined to live and springs the source of knowledge he ought to apply for the span of a lifetime. However, studies have shown that there exists “brain drain” which gradually reduces large amount of information that the world needs to know especially the basic ones. For these disturbing facts, there is an intense need to cultivate these basics as early as a child steps his grade years.

On the other hand, in today’s modern era, technology has already invaded almost the entire world in a very swift instance. Something that is so powerful and influential that can make or break the entire universe. Computerization and networking serve as gateways to global competency. The use of these things has brought about major change to human lives and hastened daily undertakings yet not just limited to such effects.

Recognizing the importance of the two giant entities, the VAWIKI Online Brain Teaser intertwines education and technology into a tandem that aims to sharpen, enhance and broaden pupils’ brain incorporated with fun and critical thinking through various questions with corresponding answers related to specific subject matters.

1.1 Project Scope

The project is a web-based gaming system designed for sixth graders ranging from ten to twelve years old. It allows pupils to review lessons from their past years in grade school, and enhances their analytical and memory skills in a particular branch of knowledge.

The target users must create an account before enjoying the benefits the system offers. To create an account, the users need to fill in their personal information as needed by the personal information sheet page. A user account is uniquely identified by its User ID. After signing up, users are already free to start playing the game and be teased with a variety of questions and answers. Before the users answer the questions, they must choose a subject matter to start the game with. National flags of the world, simple arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), basic vocabulary, color wheel, Philippine history and general science are the specific subject matters the system focuses on. However, the users are free to change a subject from time to time as they prefer to.

1.2 Major Software Functions

Membership- allows a user to create an account.
Log-in- allows the user to enter the system.
Subject selection- allows the user to start a game or change another topic to play with. •Edit profile -allows the user to edit his personal information. •View profile -allows the user to view his personal information and progress in the game.

Q & A Portion- allows the user to gain points whenever a correct answer is picked from the given choices with its corresponding question. •Level up- changes the level status of the user.

Rewarding- awards a user with a trophy after completing all levels of a topic. •Log-out- allows the user to end a session.

1.3 Management and Technical Constraints

The user is not a sixth grader.
The gaming system doesn’t cover all possible subject matters from the user's previous lessons.


2.1 Historical data used for estimates

PositionRate/hrSalary = (Rate/hr * 8hrs/day * 20 days * 4 months) Project LeaderPhp. 300.00Php. 192,000.00
Web DesignerPhp. 200.00...
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