Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey

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  • Published : March 23, 2010
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Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey
Are you looking for a sample customer satisfaction survey from which you could choose several questions to include in your research project?

Before you choose specific questions or even a sample customer satisfaction survey, you should already have an excellent idea what information you are looking for, and should have already taken Steps 1 and 2 in the marketing research process.

Relationship-based customer satisfaction research, often simply referred to as general customer satisfaction research, encompasses the entire customer relationship, from price and availability to customer service. In cases where measuring and improving the customer interaction is critical, a transaction-based customer satisfaction measurement program is typically undertaken. On the other hand, if your direct contact with the customer is frequent, or if you are interested in competitive issues such as pricing, quality, and general service, then conducting relationship-based customer satisfaction surveys would be more appropriate. Below are some specific customer satisfaction survey questions and a sample customer satisfaction survey for you to incorporate into your research program.

All survey questionnaires should follow a fairly standard format - Introduction of survey topic/reason/incentive, thanks for participating, screen for correct respondent, primary survey questions, demographic questions, thank you and wrap-up.


Sample customer satisfaction survey questions
On a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 represents "Extremely dissatisfied" and 5 represents "Extremely Satisfied," how would you rate your level of overall satisfaction with Company ABC, Inc as a supplier? 1 2 3 4 5 DK/NA/RF

Why do you say that? What specifically are you satisfied or dissatisfied with Company ABC? Enter response below… Record open-ended response.

How likely are you to...
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