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Foundation and Guild Association
Web Site Creative Brief (23rd June 2007)


The Foundation and Guild Association (F&GA) need a more developed web presence in order to support their philanthropic programs and activities and to support the Campaign for Children’s.

The specific nature of their content and the considerable quantity of it means that it cannot be fitted into the information architecture (IA) of (dot org) in a way that meets visitor goals of findability and usability, and F&GA goals of communication and market positioning.

Consequently, the optimum solution is to create a separate F&GA web site targeted to their particular audiences, and to revise the “Ways To Help” section of dot org accordingly (to more higher level content), with links out to the F&GA web site.

Current Situation

The F&GA are currently represented on dot org within the “Ways To Help” section of the web site. Although this area includes content on ways to donate, guilds, volunteering, and shopping, it is recognized that the content is limited and does not reflect all the programs and activities of the F&GA.

It is also recognized that to meet the goals of the Campaign for Children’s the F&GA will need to make increased use of the web as a channel for communicating with their target audiences.

The IA of dot org will not easily support the development of the “Ways To Help” section into the size and depth of resource anticipated to be needed, and it is questionable whether this is a desirable course of action. For example, once an IA reaches five or six levels deep (as would likely be necessary) the content at these levels becomes less findable for web site visitors and is ranked less highly by search engines.


Given the limitations of developing the “Ways To Help” section of dot org, the recommended solution to meet the future web needs of the F&GA is to create a separate web site for them.

This web site will be...
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