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I am an unbridled spirit. I am a Kentuckian to heart, and when I see an opportunity that could potentially change my life, I don’t pass it up. I saw my older sister go through the Gatton Academy and witnessed her experience the richest, most challenging two years of her life. I was first intimidated by the prospect of something so challenging that my sister was having difficult time. But then, as I looked deeper into her journey, it inspired me to experience new things and work harder towards a better future. I also want to the Academy to meet new people and make lifelong friends.

I have been described by my family as a “tough cookie.” When I see something that could help my life, I don’t wait for it to occur naturally, I seize the moment and take matters into my own hands. Playing soccer in middle school and high school, I didn’t get a lot of playing time I worked hard and ended up with minutes. I had to apply myself, practicing basic foot skills, running to get in shape, and just being an overall leader for my teammates. It all paid off when my coach recognized my drudgery and rewarded me.

Meeting new people and making lifelong friends would also be something I would look forward to. It’s easy for me to adjust to different new environments because I have moved six times. I would bring a multi-cultural background to the Academy, with a unique perspective that I know many Kentuckians don’t have. One huge advantage to going to the academy is the idea that it’s stepping stone towards college. Most students immediately graduating high school struggle in their first year of college, and I believe this program will help me overcome that because I’ll be going to college where there are people there to support me.

My presence will be felt among all my fellow Gatton Academy students. I will lead by example by working hard. I will choose the most beneficial classes that will help me contribute to society and my personal life in the future through the STEM...
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