Sample Case Study of Passive Agressive Behavior in the Workplace

Topics: Management, Stress, Occupational health psychology Pages: 7 (2043 words) Published: April 22, 2011
Stress Management:
LifeScope For You
CVS Pharmacy
Winnifred Sanders-Clark
ORG 5270 Mental Health and Psychopathology in the Workplace
University of the Rockies
April 4, 2011

This overview shows that a large popular retail pharmacy adopts and implements an Employee Assistance Program to attempt to prevent, intervene, and manage stress at all levels in the workplace. The program called LifeScope For You is managed by Sobel & Raciti Associates Inc., who has worked with thousands of associates and their family members from around the country, focusing on a wide array of issues, problems and concerns. Organizational policies to implement, sustain, evaluate, and develop employee health and well-being is the topics of discussion. Additional framework of ideas is presented and supported with business reasons and cost justification. The organization’s implementation strategy of the program is compared to other models.

Stress, whether individual or organizational is a set of physical, cognitive, and emotional responses that humans and other organisms display from demands from the environment. (Bjorklund, 2011) These environmental factors are known as stressors. Symptoms of stress can affect an individual both physically and mentally. From an organizational perspective, negative effects of stress can affect productivity, absenteeism, and overall job performance. (Levi, 1996) Individual physiological, psychological, and behavioral outcomes include reduced levels of self-esteem, job satisfaction, and motivation. (Goodspeed & Delucia, 1990; Levi, 1996)

The CVS LifeScope For You EAP managed by Sobel & Raciti Associates, Inc. has worked with thousands of associates and their families members from around the country, focusing on a wide array of issues, problems, and concerns that utilizes specific core technologies to enhance employee performance and workplace environment through identification, prevention, intervention, and resolution of personal and professional stress-related issues. Working in partnership with the associates and the human resources staff, the professional consultants at Sobel & Raciti Associates are available 24hrs/7 days a week to provide guidance, alternative solutions, crisis management, and consultation to all employees who seek guidance. Counselors, experts in team conflict resolutions are prepared to assist associates as well as upper level management in analysis of particular situations and practical plans of intervention. Associates are guided in developing realistic solutions that best meet their needs and setting forth a timeline for the completion of such actions.

Although 93% of the employees who have utilized the program state that the program actually helped them solve their problems, develop appropriate action plans, and reduce their stress levels, only 5% of the 160,000 employees have ever used it or even know about it. (Litman, LifeScope For You, Sobel & Raciti2010) Most associates who have used the program were not referred by upper levels of management, but volunteered to seek guidance. Usually when this happens situations have already escalated to a more serious level. Employees and family members covered under the CVS Caremark medical plan get up to six face to face private counseling sessions per issue per year through the program. Any sessions after that will be treated as an office visit under the associate’s medical plan. Associates and family members not covered under a CVS plan can use the services at no cost. The Lifescope Program consists of, but is not limited to: * Unlimited telephonic counseling 24hrs/7days

* Childcare( including summer day camp searches and referrals) * Parenting Skills Coaching
* Educational Planning
* Legal and Financial help and referrals
* Grief Counseling
* Elder Care Resources and Planning
* Building Mental Fitness and Wellness
* Pre-Retirement Counseling and Transition Guidance
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