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Topics: High school, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Megan Kubatzke
4th Hour
March 1, 2012
ACT Paper
How would you feel if you were being constantly monitored at school? Well, that’s what many high schools in the United States are currently doing; installing security cameras in various locations of the school. Security cameras in high schools are a good thing and all high schools should be investing in them. They make the school a safer environment, deter the wandering of students, and can help monitor behavioral changes in students.

Security cameras would make the school safer because if a student was getting bullied, but didn’t want anyone to know or didn’t know who to tell; by adding security cameras the issue of bullying would be eliminated. With the cameras, no matter where a student was getting bullied in the school, faculty would be able to know and even deal with it quietly, versus a big confrontation that could cause even more trouble for the student getting bullied. There would be no retaliation from the bully because (s)he wouldn’t be able to punish the victim for telling because the victim wouldn’t need to tell. The bully would be punished by their own wrong doings, without getting other students involved. Opponents may argue that bullies will simply find a place without cameras to harass their victims, but the only places that would not have cameras are the bathrooms and classrooms. Teachers should be present in the classrooms and it would be easy to monitor student bathrooms by having staff members without classes watch the restrooms during passing times.

In addition to preventing bullying, another concern every high school has is those kids who take a hall pass and disappear until nearly the end of class. These ‘wanderers’ would cease to exist if schools installed security cameras because every time a student left the classroom, (s)he would be on screen and if (s)he was gone too long (s)he could be located and returned to class. Kids would no longer be able to...
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