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Topics: Natural selection, Peppered moth evolution, Peppered moth Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Rousselle MolinaMs.Moraima
Group 2; HW19-25-12
As we all know, evolution is a change in population over a period of time. Natural Selection as its own mechanism takes place for survival of the offspring from varying changes of the environment. One good example of natural selection is the population of peppered moth predominant in England. During pre-industrial revolution, there were highly significant light colored moths that are almost the same color of the barks of the trees than dark colored peppered moth that are said to be rare at that time. However, during industrial revolution, many surfaces were covered by soot, which gives darker appearance of tree barks. In 1959, the population of the peppered moth became more common than the lighter one. The population of peppered moths turned to be 99% dark and 1% light. Our activity tested the adaptation of peppered moths from surviving the predator’s eye. Peppered moths camouflage to its environment that provides a higher rate of survival from the predators such as birds that might attack them. During the experimentation, one acted to be the predator of the peppered moths. The predator was asked to pull first five peppered moths he will see. First was done with a light background and the next was done with a dark background. The result was interesting in that more population of light peppered moths were picked in a dark background and there were more dark peppered moths picked in a light background. Assuming with the result, the survival of the peppered moth’s population is evident by its adaptation to any changes. In this case, light peppered moths were genetically altered, through the process of natural selection, to produce darker appearance to compromise to the changes of the environment.
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