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Topic: Correlation between Teachers’ qualification and Students’ academic performance in Senior High Schools in Lagos State, Nigeria. Research Question: Do teachers’ qualifications affect the academic performance of students? Justification:

The study of teachers’ qualifications is important because of the concern for students’ academic performance. The job of a teacher, no doubt, requires the display of, among other qualities, a high sense of ability to relate with students from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, effective teaching offers a platform where teachers’ competencies are released to the students in a bid to prepare and equip them with general knowledge. Over the years, higher academic institutions and employers have complained of a steady decline in the academic performance of senior high school students. This has been evident in the declining results of the West African Senior High School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) report of 2006-2011 and the ill-equipped nature of senior high school graduates after graduation. Many factors which include the qualification and experience of teachers as well as teaching methods and practices contribute to this trend. From previous researches, emphasizes have been on peer pressure, family influence on academic performance of students. However, studies have not looked at how qualifications of teachers contribute to the students’ academic performance, thus, bringing the need for this research. Literature Review:

The impact of teachers in the performance of students is relevant. Thus, achievement in schooling could partially contribute to an individual’s sensitivity, cognitive, attitude and psychomotor domains. The interaction between a teacher and the student is expected to produce positive learning outcomes in the learner. However, when such activity fails to produce a change in behavior in the learner, then, there is a problem. Adodo (2007) argued that one key overriding factor for the success of students’ academic...
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