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SExecutive Summary Rationale As information technology (IT) becomes more pervasive, it becomes critical for businesses to incorporate IT based systems in order to be more competitive. A classic example of this situation is the project that is now being done for Our Lady of Caysasay Academy (OLCA) in TaalBatangas. Nature of the project The project concerns the design of a suitable network infrastructure for the Our Lady of Caysasay Academy, TaalBatangas. This project shall be undertaken by a team of senior IT students from the Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila. The team is composed of four members – Kris Joy A. America, Justin Albert B. Capacillo, Erickson P. Miclat and Mark B. Parra. The scope of the project involves linking the seven buildings of OLCA via campus area network (CAN), while facilitating access to the internet. Present client situation At present OLCA operations are centered on 7 buildings – Pope Pius XIII, Pope Alexander VIII, Pope Sixtus III, Sister’s Convent, Pope Clement I, Pope Pius X and Pope John Paul II. These departments have their own stand-alone computer systems which have been used in the past to support the operations of the school. These systems do not “talk” to each other although there appears some kind of structures which may eventually be used to set up local area networks. The school has some semblance of network structure except that it is not well executed and connections are jumbled and do not seem to follow a definite layout.


The management of OLCA desires to stream line the linking of these buildings using appropriate IT based technologies.

Proposed network infrastructure The OLCA is a Catholic School located inTaal, Batangas, just next to the biggest Catholic Church in Asia, the “Basilica de San Martin de Tours”. It is headed by Rev. Fr. Ricardo A. Panganiban, the school director. The school provides education for preschool, elementary and high school. They use 4 multi-level buildings with the...
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