Sampaguita Flowers Extract, the Main Ingredient in Making a Solid Perfume

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Sampaguita (Jasminum Sambac)
Flowers Extract as a Main
Ingredient in Making a
Solid Perfume

Angeles, Edarlyn D.
Santos, Angelo Louis C.
Siguisabal, Judith Ann D.
Tingson, Charrevie M.
III - Dalton
This study aimed to produce a solid perfume out of Sampaguita flowers extract. The processes involved in making this product were extracting the sampaguita flowers, melting the beeswax and petroleum jelly, adding the extract and coconut oil, pouring the mixture in a container and cooling it for 30 minutes. Fifteen students and five parents are chosen to be the respondents for this study. The respondents determined the products effectiveness by answering the given questionnaires. Based on the data gathered, the researchers therefore conclude that the sampaguita flower extract is an effective main ingredient in making solid perfume because it has favorable texture and scent, look presentable, does not cause any allergic reaction/s on the skin, safe to use and could eliminate the unwanted odors of the body. Also it is organic because it does not use chemicals and harmful substances and has a cheaper cost because the money used is not more than three hundred pesos.

The researchers would like to give special thanks to the following people who contributed to the fulfillment of this research study. First of all, Almighty God, who gave the researchers strength and wisdom to finish this study because without him, we can do nothing.

Next, to the respondents, for patiently answering the questionnaires which are necessary for this study. To the researchers parents for supporting this project in financial aspects.
To Mrs. Demetria M. Lappay, Chemistry Laboratory in-charge, for letting the researchers occupy the chemistry laboratory and use the laboratory apparatus during the experimentation. Lastly, Mrs. Romela N. Dagal, Research Adviser, who has given the researchers a chance to prove that the researchers can do things on their own.

Of the five senses, scent is the most closely ties to the memory. The fragrance of person’s favorite perfume may lift people’s spirits and make a person unforgettable for someone else. People may have noticed that the person’s signature scents often have the same fragrance notes, but it can sometimes be difficult to determine what someone’s like when shopping for a new perfume. Although synthetic oils are often used in modern perfumes, many perfumes still count on Mother Nature to provide them with fragrant flowers from which to create their perfumes and fragrances.

The researchers conducted this study because nowadays, season changes because of climate change which results of having a body odor due to sweating. Perfumes can lessen the bad odor from our body. The researchers used sampaguita because it has sweet smell and a heady fragrance that is ideal in making perfumes. The researchers made a twist in making perfume into solid one to be more convenient to wear and handy since they do not spill. And also, alcohol free which is good for people with sensitive skin.

The researchers want to produce a solid perfume out of sampaguita that is cheaper than the branded ones and soothing to smell for everyone.

Statement of the Problem
Main Problem: How effective sampaguita flowers extract as a main ingredient in making solid perfume?

The sub-problems of this study are:
1. To determine the:
a. Effectiveness of the solid perfume in lessening the bad smell of our body. b. Capability of the solid perfume to last longer.
c. Concentration of the scent of the solid perfume.
2. Compare the sampaguita solid perfume and the branded ones in terms of the following: a. Average time limit of the solid...
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