Sammy Sosa: A Biography

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  • Published : May 10, 2008
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Samuel Sosa Montero (born November 12, 1968 in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic) is a designated hitter and right fielder in Major League Baseball and is currently a free agent.

Sosa's Major League career began when he broke in with the Texas Rangers in 1989. In the intervening years, he has played for the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs and Baltimore Orioles.[1] He ended the 2005 season with 588 career home runs, placing him fifth on the all-time home run list. In early 2007, however, he signed with the Rangers in a comeback attempt and made the team as its designated hitter. While playing for the Rangers on June 20th, 2007 against the Cubs, his former team, Sosa hit his 600th home run, becoming the 5th player in professional baseball to achieve that mark. He is also the all-time home run leader among foreign-born Major League Baseball players.

Sosa's alleged involvement in the era of Major League Baseball's steroid scandal has negatively impacted his reputation. The 2007 Mitchell Report did not name Sosa in its list of players identified in the course of the investigation, although Sosa was mentioned in a related affidavit by Federal Agent Jeff Novitzky dealing with the use of amphetamines.[2]

Sosa wears number 21 in honor of his childhood hero, Roberto Clemente.

Sosa is known to family and friends as "Mikey". His maternal grandmother, who had suggested his birth name of Samuel, also came up with his nickname: "[She] heard the name on a soap opera she liked and decided from that moment on I would be Mikey."[3]

Although his officially registered birthplace is San Pedro de Macorís, Sosa was actually born in Consuelo. San Pedro de Macorís was "the largest town nearby." Both Consuelo and San Pedro de Macorís are in San Pedro de Macorís Province.[4] After years as a respected power/speed threat with a rocket arm in right field, he emerged during the 1998 season as one of baseball's greatest. It was in this season that both Sosa and Mark...
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