Samil PwC Advisory: Career Development Plan

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  • Published : October 26, 2010
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Please explain the reasons why you are interested in joining Samil PwC Advisory and describe your career development plan at Samil PwC Advisory. (1 page, double-spaced)

There are several reasons why I became interested in joining Samil PwC Advisory (“PwC”) and some of them are as follows: To begin with, PwC is the top local house with the greatest number of advisory deal records. PwC deals with a variety of financial transactions including financial due diligence (FDD), Valuation, NPL etc and often deals with small / mid-sized transactions. Also, the firm is indifferent to the deal sizes since it often deals with mid-small sized transactions mostly less than KRW100 billion. Regardless of the sizes, it is critical for juniors to build strong deal records and experience many different roles / aspects within various transactions, and the challenging experience in PwC will eventually train me hard. Additionally, the approach of FAS team is more detailed in numbers in general than any other professional advisory services and its output qualities are relatively more thorough and in depth. Its comprehensive modeling skill is one of many advantages over global IB or consulting companies in Korea and I would like to become proficient in valuation and financial modeling. Even though I’m fairly open to any kinds of opportunities, I would like to pursue my career in professional corporate finance and M&A advisory service, and PwC would be a perfect platform to widen my knowledge relating industries and technical skills. Furthermore, I would like to contribute to my team in building more cross-border transaction records while making myself more exposed to various advisory projects associated with M&A transactions and FDD; I may try for ‘PwC work abroad program’ in my manager years. Lastly, if given the opportunity, I would like challenge myself in more dynamic industries in the future such as private equity fund or venture capital.
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