Sameness and Difference Does Not Matter If There Is Belonging

Topics: Difference, African American, United States Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Sameness and difference does not matter if there is belonging

Belonging is a key in managing effective relationships. When you belong somewhere or amongst a group of people, sameness or difference does not come into play as you are considered an equal. Nevertheless there should be somewhat sameness between the entire groups, so that there is a common similarity that connects the entire group together. Though the very notion that there could exist a place where difference does not count may seem ludicrous to some people but unless you’ve experienced true belonging, it is a difficult concept to put into words. Accepting and being accepted for your differences is critical in the subject of belonging and once past that critical stage your sameness and difference becomes irrelevant, now that you belong somewhere or amongst something. Sameness is the primary attitude needed to belong with either a group of individuals or a collection of groups. That sameness may be in physical form eg: Skin Colour, height, weight, physique etc. In this case, those African American people that had been poorly treated and subjected to nothing but being treated like second class citizens, due to the implementation of the Jim Crow laws in the southern states of the United States of America. Sameness not only exists on the outside of an individual, but also what’s on the inside of oneself and it could be religious beliefs, values, intellect and their take on what is wrong and what is right. Having the same religion as a fellow individual could help you belong, same goes for having similar values and believing in what is right and wrong. To further this idea, if you look around many of the friendships/relationships that occur, occur because individuals share a common or genuine similarity, hence being able to socialise and communicate properly, thus suggesting that it does matter that there needs to be sameness, however minimal, to belong In the “Member of the Wedding”. Berenice and...
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