Same Sex Marrige

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  • Published : September 15, 2011
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Same-Sex Marriage
In the past couple of years, studies have shown that 1 out of 10 individuals are homosexuals. One of the biggest controversies among the people in the United States is same-sex marriage. Should same-sex marriage be legal or not? Not everyone has the same opinion when it comes to this topic. When it comes to same-sex marriage it should be legal. Different views and opinions have caused for this to be a major issue. Same-sex marriage should be legal because even though it does not comply with religious laws it has many reasons, it is also beginning to be allowed in many states, it is being accepted by the public, and it should be the choice of the couple not the public. To begin with, same-sex marriage should be legal for a couple of reasons. First of all, by not allowing same-sex marriage it is violating religious freedom. According to the United States constitution , the first amendment is freedom of religion. Although it protects religion the “government cannot start making laws because a religion said they should.” Messerli ( 2011). Also, same-sex marriage should be allowed because it is considered a minority discrimination. It has always been said that the majority rules but minorities, like homosexuals, have protection as well. A couple should not get discriminated because of their sexual preference. By allowing same sex marriages it will motivate strong family values. As we can see many people are having unprotected sex which has increased the number of people who are contracting a STD. By allowing same-sex marriage it can motivate more marriages and less multiple partners. Another important fact is that by allowing same-sex marriages the adoption rate will increase. Obviously, same sex couples cannot have children naturally. Many kids need a good home and homosexuals will be able to provide a good home for them. As the illustration shows, same-sex couples are asking to be treated equally and stop the discrimination. (Turk, 2011)...
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