Same-Sex Marriages

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Oswaldo Garcia
English Composition II (ENGL 1312)
Same-sex marriages should be allowed in the U.S.


Same-sex marriages should be allowed in the U.S.
In the progression of American society, America has learned to overcome many challenges that include: slavery, women suffrage, and segregation. For homosexual couples, the current struggle in our society is for the right to marry for homosexual couples. Same-sex couples should be allowed to marry because it is a fair unity to love whomever a person pleases to and engage in an act of love. Our history has shown that we have overcome disparity in how we treated the nation’s citizens, and we must do so to protect the rights of the minority.

In the past few years, American politics has hit on the hot-button issue of same-sex marriages. Stark debates have been uprooted during several election campaign events, including for the American presidency. A great example of this debate includes the vote for Proposition 8, which is a constitutional amendment to the California Constitution that illegalized same-sex couples the right to marry. The mindset of many voters that approved the passage of this amendment and similar amendments to the other 28 states in our union is to define marriage between a man and a women (, 2011, para. 2). In so doing, this encourages “monogamous and loving marriages and to provide the optimal environment to ensure the well being of children” (, 2008, n.d.).

The problem with the constitutional amendments that have passed the 29 states is that the rights of those individuals who seek a marriage are revoked because of a belief system of the majority. In our nation’s history, we have seen this kind of bigotry when women were suppressed the right to vote until finally, women persuaded men to vote for laws in favor of allowing women the right the vote...
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