Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized

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  • Published : February 28, 2012
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Same sex marriage should be legalized
One of the biggest controversies in the world today is whether gays and lesbians should be able to marry. There are numerous arguments against same sex marriage. These arguments range from religious arguments to social arguments to medical arguments. A lot of the arguments against same sex marriage have a lot of facts that prove them wrong and a lot of the arguments a just people’s personal beliefs. The biggest arguments against same sex marriage fall under the religious arguments. The biggest argument is that marriage is a sacred institution of union between a man and a woman and that churches will be forced to perform same sex marriages. Well number one on this is that churches will only marry couples they want to. I know of churches that have refused to marry couples and they had to find a different church. Also there are justices of the peace and even Notaries that can marry people. Another religious argument is that it states in the bible that homosexuality is wicked. Corinthians 6:9 “God defines homosexual offenders as among “the WICKED.”” ( Well this is a good argument as long as all the parties involved are religious. If there is a couple that does not believe in God then this argument will not stand. One of the social arguments against legalizing same sex marriage is divorces. The argument is that same sex marriage will increase heterosexual divorce rates. Even though they are homosexuals do not mean that they do not love each other like heterosexuals. Homosexuals have feelings and can have a relationship just like heterosexuals. So if heterosexuals can get married and show their love for each other then the homosexuals should be able to also. Danielle Kurtzleben “” of USNews wrote an article on July 6, 2011 stating that the states that have...
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