Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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  • Published : October 23, 2008
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Same-sex marriage is a huge debate all over the United States. Many Americans fear and do not understand homosexuality. What everyone needs to know is that same-sex marriage is not a threat to the institution of marriage or society. Society should accept homosexuality and not fear it. Homosexuals are second class citizens by law and every American no matter their race, sexual orientation, religion, or gender should have equal rights under the law. Fear, ignorance, and religion are not reasons to condemn homosexuals the right to marry. Most religions do not condemn homosexuality, the verses of the bible of any religion is typically misinterpreted and not challenged. It is not wrong to love another person. Everyone should embrace a society that is equal, and just for everyone.

Same Sex Marriage Should be Legal
American society tell people who fall in love and want to build a life with someone of the same sex that they are not eligible for the 1,400 benefits that a heterosexual married couple can get automatically. Society is not only refusing same-sex partners a basic right to happiness, but society is forcing them to pay a penalty, for being gay. American society is heading in the direction of saying that it is all right to be gay. It is time to be fair and give same-sex couples every benefit that every American man and women enjoy. The constitution of the United States affords every American equal rights. Not affording every American equal rights is discrimination, and not affording marriage to homosexuals is not equal rights. All Americans should force the government to make laws that provide equal rights to all people, so that marriage is afforded to every American regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, or gender. Same-sex marriage would promote monogamy and stability with most couples, and therefore strengthen the institution of marriage. Andrew Sullivan states that in the 1970’s heterosexuals changed marriage into a partnership between equals, with both partners working and gender roles less rigid than in the past (Sullivan, 2001, p. 6). The other argument Andrew Sullivan states is gays can not be monogamous. Marriage is voluntary and gay men and women want this freedom to embrace the life of love and family. With all the infidelity in heterosexual marriages, this argument is wrong. Same-sex marriage would bring out so many isolated people to a life of love and family and could only improve the institution of marriage (Sullivan, 2001, p. 6). Homosexuals would not get married unless they wanted to have a monogamous and stabilized relationship. Because marriage is voluntary, gay couples would only get married if they wanted a monogamous relationship, just as heterosexuals get married for the same reasons. Therefore, same-sex marriage would promote monogamy and stability with most couples. Same-sex marriage is not a threat to the institution of marriage. Andrew Sullivan writes that critics say men want sex, and women want stability. So when two heterosexuals get married the partnership is a truce. When a man and women are married the man gives stability for sex, and the women gives sex for stability and both sides benefit. Same sex marriage would be no strings attached hook up (Sullivan, 2001, p. 6). Marriage is a ritual that involves making a promise, a commitment, a declaration of love and honor to a relationship, and to loving and sharing a life with another person. All who take part in marriage want to be with one person who means so much to them. This is why it is a choice. Homosexuals will choose to make the commitment of marriage, not disgrace it, like many heterosexuals have. Same-sex Marriage would strengthen marriage, because homosexuals will choose to get married and choose to make that promise of commitment; therefore society should embrace same-sex marriage. Society should allow same-sex marriage because denying homosexuals the right to marry whom they love...
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