Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Allowed!

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Why should Australia legalise gay marriage? Or, in other words, why isn't gay marriage legalised already? Same-sex marriage is just as humane as opposite-sex marriage. I mean, what is so wrong about it? We as heterosexuals are given many opportunities to get married, divorced, re-married and divorced again, but for people who have chosen to become gay or lesbian, are not even given one chance to do this, which I find absolutely appalling. So that is why I am FOR making same sex-marriage legal in our nation and beyond. People need to stop and realise that instead of focusing on the genders of couples, they should focus on the love that two share, regardless of whether they are two men or two women, because to not allow a couple to get married based on gender is in fact discrimination!

According to The Australian Human Rights Commission, under the federal and state/territory anti-discrimination laws, it is said that 'no person should be treated less favourably than others because of their age, race, country of origin, sex, marital status, pregnancy, political or religious beliefs, disability or sexual preference'... Is this a false statement made by Australia regarding sex and marital status, because if it weren't why would they want to ban same-sex marriage? Just because many people have their own issues and opinions and may not agree that same-sex marriage is right, does not mean that gay and lesbian couples should have to suffer a life of happiness. I see it as everyone should be granted the right to love one another no matter who it is.

By not allowing same-sex couples to marry is seen as a form of discrimination, which truly is contradictory to what our country preaches, as most governments are so strong on having anti-discrimination laws such as the one stated before. But why are they not abiding by it? Why are they trying to put a stop to same-sex marriages? The definition of discrimination is 'unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories...
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