Same Sex Marriage Be Legalized in the Philippines

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  • Published : July 30, 2013
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As a part of our intramural activity at the university, I and my friends have to represent our institute for the debate.


As debaters, we have to get ready for the negative and the affirmative arguments. The internet is a great help for preparing our arguments because some search results give as stepping stones. This is why I thought I should post my arguments so that it could be of help for other people preparing for a debate.

Here is my constructive speech AGAINST SAME SEX MARRIAGE. I hope it could help some people.

Good day to every one of us! Good day, ladies and gentlemen. It wouldn’t be surprising for anyone of us today if I, as a member of the negative side, would use the Bible to dispute the same-sex marriage. It would actually be a bit a commonplace that, in these kinds of topics requiring moral arguments, the Bible is quoted. But, we cannot get away from the Bible since the Bible is one of the authorities of our morality in this Christian world. I’d like to remind you, not tell you because this is already a common knowledge to us all, that the cities of Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed by fire by God because people there are engaging into same-sex intercourse – sexual intercourse between the same sexes. (Gen. 19: 4 -5) This is a clear proof that God is against same-sex marriage. As I have mentioned a while ago, the BIBLE is only one of the authorities of our morality. Another authority to our morality as citizens of the Philippines is our culture. For so long, we have observed and preserved the moral standard that marriage is between a male and a female. This culture of marrying only between a male and a female has caught our habitual obedience for many, many years and has defined to concrete sense our definition and perception of marriage. I, as a Filipino, upon hearing the word MARRIAGE, form in my mind an image...
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