Same-sex Marriage and Academic Study Skills

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Law Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: March 5, 2011
DQ questions week 5

1. Click on the Toolwire® Learnscape link on your student Web site for Week Five. Some people argue the government should legalize drugs. This would eliminate the dangers associated with its underworld existence, such as gangs, criminal activity, risky behavior on the part of users, support for terrorist activities, money laundering, and so on. Meanwhile, some oppose this view and defend the illegality of drugs on the basis that they are harmful to the individual and society. Is this an example of a problem becoming an issue? Explain why or why not.

I believe this example is not a problem that became an issue, it started as an issue. The reason I believe that is because people have always debate about legalizing or not legalizing drugs, which means it is an issue. When this topic was first discussed there was a division of how the find a solution to resolve the topic. It is still a topic which is debated, all arguments from both sides’ needs to be refined and the main points discussed. The need to do all of that makes this topic an issue, not a problem that became an issue after a discussion.

2. One of the key controversies in psychology is nature versus nurture. Is this a problem or an issue? Explain.
I believe that nature versus nurture is an issue. The reason for that is because people have different views on the subject, which makes it an issue and to resolve it means to decide which viewpoint is the most reasonable. The controversy surrounding the issue of the nature versus nurture is one that has been going on for years now. There are many viewpoints to consider; finding out which one is most reasonable is hard because it would depend on how and where you were raised. Is behavior environmental or inherited this is the main issue of nature versus nurture. This issue is debate by scientist and they cannot resolve the issue yet, my belief is that they are equally responsible for our behaviors, scientist seem to agree on that at...
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