Same-Sex Marriage

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Peggy McKever
Short Essay
Comp III
South University Online
Dr. A. Reynolds
May 17, 2013

Same-sex marriage is it legal? Is it moral? These questions are still in high debate in many of the states in the U.S.A. This subject has become so debatable that it has become the attention of everyone from the high courts down to gay activist groups. In my essay I will attempt to talk about the pros and cons of both sides. ProQuest Staff. "At Issue: Same-Sex Marriage." ProQuest LLC. 2013: n.pag. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 11 May 2013. This author is Proquest Staff, this article is reliable for my paper because the Proquest staff research and pick the best articles for research.

ProQuest Staff. "At Issue: Same-Sex Marriage Timeline." ProQuest LLC. 2013: n.pag. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 11 May 2013. This author Proquest staff are a reliable research team. I feel this is a great article for my research because of the reliability of Proquest. Loth, Renee, (2013). Freedom of Speech for Whom? Boston Globe, May 04, 2013, Web retrieved May 17, 2013. I feel this article is an accurate research article, because the author states about the Constitution freedom of speech rights. This article speaks about business and business owners having the right to not serve the gay community.

The first source I found was, 'She's our Thurgood Marshall ‘Iin fight for marriage rights, (Stolberg, 2013) New York Times. Retrieved from SIRS Researcher. This article details the advocacy for gay rights. The advocates name is Mary Bonauto a lawyer and mother of twins. This article details how she has fought and won many same-sex marriage cases in the court.

Swartz, J., & Liptak, A. (2013, March 01). U.S. asks justices to reject a ban on gay marriages. New York Times. Retrieved from SIRS Researcher, May 15, 2013. Swartz and Liptak speak about reasons why same-sex marriages cannot be legal, however these authors speak about the heightened...
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