Same-Sex Marriage

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  • Published: December 8, 2012
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Same-sex marriage has become the most controversial and sensitive topics that is discussed. There are various issues and opinions regarding same-sex marriage; some view same-sex marriage as a religious wrong and others view it as a constitutional right. The idea of same-sex marriage is not to change the definition of marriage but for same-sex couples to be included.

The importance of this research is to educate about same-sex relationships and show how not allowing same-sex marriage is a form of discrimination and exclusion. I plan to research through utilizing case law, law journals, and various writings on the subject. I will attempt to discuss the legal and religious aspects of this highly debated topic.

Review of literature shows that opponents of same-sex marriage view the traditional family as the primary institution for socializing children and for maintaining social order and community cohesion. Same-sex marriage is seen as a threat to traditional marriage and by extension, to moral and cohesive communities. (McVeigh, R., & Diaz, M. D. ,2009)

According to (Howard, 2003) from the perspective of the religious groups and others who defend the traditional definition, the concept of marriage is essentially a question of historical fact. The opinion of these groups states the meaning of marriage is rooted in the notion that heterosexual procreation, or the potential for same, is the ultimate defining characteristic of marriage, which is thus inherently heterosexual. The word 'marriage' is a descriptor of a unique opposite-sex bond that is common across different times, different cultures and religions as a virtually universal norm. Marriage is not a common law concept; rather, it is a historical and worldwide institution that pre-dates our legal framework. Thus, proponents of the traditional perspective would presumably not have or ought not to have any difficulty extending the same legal benefits to same-sex couples as those enjoyed by opposite-sex...
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