Same Sex Domestic Volience

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Abuse Pages: 6 (1677 words) Published: May 12, 2013
JSB172Literature Review
Elliott Grice
Student number: N08436274
Lecturer : Ange Dwyer |
The purpose of this literature review is to research and critically analyse the key issues of a police liaison officer when dealing with a situation that includes a fellow colleague involved in a same sex domestic violence dispute. Then the paper will evaluated and organise three sources into key themes. The key themes will then be evaluated through a literature review, outlining which theme is the most appropriate for the report. This topic is important because it is both universalised and timeless, to potentially figure out the problems in same sex domestic violence cases, why the couples fight and what is their intent in their mind, could be a major breakthrough for society. The literature review will discuss how to measure same sex domestic violence, bias perceptions of the police when confronted with fellow colleague and victim diversity in same sex domestic violence. These issues will be analysed through the use of current studies, certain theories, empirical evidence supporting certain theories, investigating and exposing against any disparities and weaknesses in the author’s opinions. The types of sources that will be used are academic through the use of ebooks, journal articles and government documents.

Theme 1: Measuring same sex domestic violence
Same sex domestic violence is generally acknowledged to be an understated problem indicated by police reports. The literature has attempted to estimate its true extent and associations within the homosexual population. The Findings in this text cover the concerning frequency, causes, consequences and risks of same sex domestic violence vary significantly. According to this study, context, resources and scope, definitions employed, how they are operationalised as questions to participants, sample composition, and methodology Dobash (2010, 207). There are significant debates, throughout the literature that are often associated with study objectives and underpinning assumptions, about whether and how type, seriousness, frequency, impact, context and meaning of same sex violence can and should be measured. These variables then have implications for reporting rates, and for how findings are or should be understood and responded to Saunders (2011, 235). These debates on measuring same sex domestic violence lack in quantity and quality research the literature has gaps and is therefore generalising a minority group of society. Also the literature and the theories do not take the view of a victim of a same sex domestic dispute, but instead looks at the statistical data. Therefore the literature is making assumptions on the topic according to the data instead of researching and interviewing victims. In the literature there are particular approaches on the definition and the measurements that can lead to misrepresentation of the phenomenon under investigation Dobash (2010, 208). For example, the literature does not look into the isolated acts of minor aggression that may increase disclosure rates but instead looks at the obscure factors associated with patterns of serious, sustained, multidimensional abuse Dugan (2009, 172). The essay argues that exclusion of forced sex and partner/ex-partner stalking may underestimate levels and patterns of male victimisation whilst also distorting findings concerning the gender distribution of violence. Therefore by looking at large scale general crime surveys the essay does not accommodate the fine-grained exploration and analysis, by looking at local surveys it allows for a more in-depth study and is less prone to sampling bias information Walby (2008, 521). Theme 2: bias perceptions, Police Who Abuse Their Intimate Partners Another concern with police responses to domestic violence is that some officers...
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