Same Sex Adoption

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  • Published : July 8, 2011
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Investigate and analyse
One of the many controversial topics of our time would be Gay and lesbian adoptions. Should Gays and Lesbians be allowed to adopt children? That question has many people in our society shaken by the realization of gay and Lesbian parenthood. People have many questions and concerns of the children's outcome and home environment whether they'd be raised right with good emotional foundations. After all as they'd grow up they would notice that their own family is different from others. The condition that give rise or the need of this law reform in society.(why was there a need for change?) Changing the law would allow same-sex couples to offer loving homes to approximately 100,000. It’s understandable that many foster parents seek to adopt their foster children. It has been said that natural parents might not give their children up for adoption if they believe the child would be adopted by same-sex parents. The role of the various agencies involved in the law reform of this issue. (what was the organisation, what did they say) many agencies supported same-sex adoption but on the other hand many didn’t. The legislative councils played a huge role with its support to the change of same-sex adoption. Rainbow Labor also took a stand with those who voted yes. UnitingCare was one of those agencies that supported same-sex adoption. The uniting church is refusing to support the Australian Christian lobby’s campaign opposing NSW same-sex adoption reforms. While Anglican and catholic adoption services have come down on the ‘no’ side of assisting same-sex couples to adopt. Uniting church informed Moore from the beginning when she introduced the bill to parliament in 2000 that they supported her and that their organisation applauds her for her initiative. Churches were some agencies that supported the side that voted ’NO’ for same-sex adoption. These churches didn’t vote against because or hatred but because of religious believers. Some members of those...
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